dinsdag 27 september 2011

Trip to the U.K. Day one: Dover!

I'm gonna post the outfits I wore on our trip here and the pictures I took on http://thecanongirl.blogspot.com/ so click there to check out the gorgeous pictures I took of the English countryside! Lucky for the lazy people out there who don't even want to click the link, there's a tiny bit of English countryside in the pictures of my outfit too! But I still suggest you do check out my other blog. :-D Comfyness is key when you go on a trip (come to think of it, comfyness is key ALWAYS) so that is always my first concern. So I ended up with my sweet purple Joan Holloway dress (I have dresses picked out in my closet for every leading lady in Mad Men... is that weird?) with a waistcoat and my dirty boots. I love my hair with it. I love my hair with anything, really. :-D I got loads of compliments on it, too. A little summary of the first day: We had to catch the 12 o clock ferry in Dunkirk and we needed to check in at least forty five minutes before the ferry would leave. It was an hour and a half drive from our home to Dunkirk which is actually pretty decent. The sailing was 2 hours from Dunkirk to Dover (of course we would arrive only one hour later in Dover since we go back one hour) and the weather was wonderful so we could soon spot the white cliffs of Dover coming closer. The ferry itself was fine, the food was vile but oh well. :-D A terribly charming picture of me on the boat:
(this was inside)

You can see Dover Castle and some White Cliffs behind me. We took a walk on the cliffs but we had to cut it a little short since I'm a clumsy mofo, I twisted my ankle and fell on my ass. Luckily, all is well with my ankle now, it hurts a tiny bit but it was nothing serious. On the day itself it hurt a little more, so after I twisted my ankle I hopped back to the car, we parked next to a teahouse and had a lovely warm cuppa. When it comes to the use of tea, England is my dream country. I drink tea everyday, even in summer I love my tea. The cake was dry as hell but I didn't really care, I was over the moon to be on a romantic trip with my man!
After we had some tea and dry ass cake, we went to our hotelroom at the Holiday Inn Express in Folkestone (only 20 minutes away from Dover), took a shower, I slapped on some eyeliner and a pretty dress and we were ready to go out to eat!
I planned on wearing this dress with my gorgeous heeled boots but I didn't think that was such a smart idea after twisting my ankle an hour earlier so I just wore these. It didn't look all that bad though! Also, this dress is awesome. We went to a little bistro in Dover, super cosy and the food was very nice. I stuck to something safe, I had chips and steak with some salad (srsly though English peeps, if you wanna give salad with your dish you actually need salad, not a baked tomato and peas) and it was lovely! My boy had a different kind of meat, both cooked very well. I was a litte scared of the English kitchen since my stomach is pretty sensitive when it comes to greasy foods. So I did stick to the safest things I could find when it came to food, I didn't want to spend my holiday in the bathroom. When we came back from the bistro I was so tired, I just slipped into my jammies and went to bed. My boy made me a cup of tea, snuggled with me and watched some TV but also fell asleep pretty quickly. That was our day!

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  1. You look gorgeous in both outfits! And I checked out your other blog, those pictures are stunning!
    I'm glad you two had a great time in England :)
    P.s: I love tea as well, I dring a cup of green tea every day :) even in summer!