woensdag 14 september 2011

So happy together

Casual party is the only occasion that more or less could describe the day I spent with my family. Once very 2 or three years we can be together with the whole family, mainly because part of my family lives in the U.S. My brother, his wife and their two daughters can only come and visit once every so many years because it’s hella expensive for them to come with the entire family. Because of the bad situation with my dad, my brother pretty much jumped on the plane as soon as he could (without his wife and kids, sadly) and came over to Belgium to spend some time with our dad and the family. While everything was a little messy and uhm, unplanned, we did have a lovely time together.

One of the many things that are unpleasant about this situation is that, once we spend a lot of time (or just more than usual) together and everyone gets scattered back into the world again because life has to go on, you realise even more how much you miss eachother. The more contact you have and the more moments you share together, the more you realise all the little things you miss. Kind of unfair if you think about it, the less time you spend together, the less you remember what it actually is that makes that person so wonderful hence the less you miss it. But once you remember that you had so much fun together and feel so comfortable with one another, like family should be, well, that just sucks. :-D I do hope that I can see my sister in law and nieces soon, I miss them too.

By the way: Thank you for all of your kind words! I really appreciate all the support and you always make me smile. Luckily, my dad is getting better. Slowly but steadily, he is regaining speech and I even think he’s getting a little more movement in his right side. He’s gonna have to work hard to train all of his muscles and his mind but I’m sure he can do it. We’ll just have to wait and see how much progress he can still make. Thank you again. :-)

What is wrong with this picture? :-D
Seriously, I do the best imitation of Timmy from South Park I've ever seen. :-D
A super sweet picture of my oldest brother and me!
Brotherly love. Whether they're 30 or 12, boys will be boys.
My oldest brother, Maarten.
my youngest brother, David.
My older sister Annebeth, trying to shut up my brother Maarten. He was saying something that should not be repeated about 'Black Swan'. :-D And my mum.
My brother and his wife Marijn, sharing a tender moment. Which I will now share with the interwebz. :-D
My sis and her boyfriend Filip, sharing a less intimate but equally sweet moment.
And of course, for something completely different, A scottsman on a horse? No, just silly pictures. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. :-)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. These pics are just too cute and funny, dear! I'm so glad your dad is getting better and that you finally can spend some time with your family.
    I also love your outfit- you look great in that maxi dress!
    P.s.: your sister's Annebeth?? Really? I follow and read her blog but I didn't know anything about it!


  2. Ha, they're adorable! I know what you mean about missing people... I live away from my family and miss them constantly (and now some of them don't live in the same place either so it's hard to visit). But I think I just miss them more as the years go on, so one day I may have to go back there.

    I'm so happy to hear your Dad's doing well. Was really sorry to hear about what happened to him. xo

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