dinsdag 20 september 2011

Yellow Submarine

It’s a simple outfit, I wanted to start out careful with this shirt. I adore the color and I will have loads of fun combining it with bolder colors but the day I wore this outfit I was feeling a bit sick and I just wanted a very comfy outfit with a little pick me up of color. So here I was with my bright yellow shirt and hot pink scarf :-D.

My hair is newly dyed this very moment, by the way! My boyfriend helped me and it turned out freaking awesome, I’m not going to say anything about the color(s) yet but I assure you: it’ll rock your socks off!
Since previous weeks haven’t been honkydory in my life, me and my boy planned a little two day trip to the U.K. this thursday! We’ll stay in Folkstone at a hotel and I think we’ll hang out in Dover the first day. The white cliffs of Dover will be awesome to take pictures of and the weather’s supposed good so the english countryside with a bit of sunshine should be heaven! Apart from that, no cellphone and internet for two days, just me and my love having fun together! Can’t wait!

The next day I hope we’ll be going to Canterbury! There’s some lovely shops and of course the cathedral! I can’t wait for the cathedral, it already looks freaking intimidating in pictures so I can hardly imagine how big it is in real life. Canterbury looks amazing, I’ll have loads and loads of fun taking pictures! So I can’t wait! It’ll be good to have 2 days off of life, things can seem so heavy and when you have a change of scenery you can let the hard stuff go for a bit. I’ve never been to the U.K. and my boy has never driven on the left side so it’ll be quite the adventure for both of us! :-D

Our hotelroom is pretty cosy too, we can order roomservice and a movie so we’ll have a nice time wherever we plan to go! I’m using a lot of exclamation marks too! I’m just really excited! :-D

Also a little extra, my new nailart!:

Here’s my try on autumn themed nailpolish! All the things I try nailwise end up looking extremely colorful and maybe a little kiddy but that’s the kind of stuff I like, I guess! :-D I adore playing with colors and shapes and that striper & dotting tool set is one of the best buys I’ve done in ages! So happy with it, the colors are amazing and I have endless possibilities. Now that I’ve discovered a whole nailart world on youtube with some awesome tutorials, I can’t wait for the next nailart I’ll make! Enjoy! :-)

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  1. You look so fab in bright colours (love the shirt) and your nails are amazing!! I can't wait to see your new hair :D xx