zaterdag 24 september 2011

Locks of fall

Hey babes, while I got some gorgeous pictures of our trip to Dover/Canterbury coming up, I just wanted to do a quick post to show you guys my newly dyed hair! I’m supersuper happy with it, the colors are gorgeous and bright and very fall-y! This combination of colors is so me, the red is incredibly flattering and funky with my fair skin and the yellow and green are just perfect to go with it. Yellow hair dye is awesome and people should use it more often! Yellow goes great with green, blue, red, purple, pink… it’s so funky and cute with everything! Especially this yellow, fantastically goldenyellow. Can you guys feel how happy I am with my hair? :-D And a big thanks to my loverboy, he always does an amazing job when he helps me with my hair and he does so without complaining or moaning! Thanks babe!

I am so happy I took the step to get parts of my hair bleached so that I could put bright colors in, I’ve wanted to do so since probably the first time I saw Pokemon (when I was six or seven, maybe?), Misty with her lovely bright orange crooked ponytail… it’s still engraved into my mind. Anime has been my great inspiration when it comes to my hair. Now I can’t wait to try out some other color combinations, I got some turquoise too so that should turn out gorgeous as well. If any of you are interested in dying your hair in a punky color but you don’t know where to order it or what color you want, I suggest you take a look at beeunique . I got amazing tips, reviews and other stuff at that site and you can order all kinds of dyes there! I use ‘directions’ hair dye and I’m completely satisfied.

If this isn't awesome hair, I don't know what is! :-D

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Gosh! Your hair looks absolutely STUNNING! The colours are amazing! xx

  2. Great colours. Your hair looks like autumn leaves :-)

  3. Can't believe you do this yourself, it looks sooooooooooooo professional! It suits you beautifully, I <3 it!