maandag 5 december 2011

Galaxy nails

I love nail art. I don't know if you've noticed but I love to do funky stuff with my nails. I've always loved nailpolish but after a while just painting my nails just wasn't enough. (sounds like I'm talking about some horrible addiction :-D) I started with really simple stuff like polkadotted nails, two or tricolored nails, and eventually tried out rainbow nails (going from purple to blue to turquoise to green to yellow to orange to red) with a tiny paintbrush and since then I'm absolutely hooked on nailart. I've done butterflies, The Who logo's, tiny triforces, flowers... not all as perfect as the next but I have had loads of fun doing it! I started looking for some good tutorials too and I found this lovely channel on youtube called 'cutepolish' (click here to visit her channel!) where you have all kinds of awesomness! Pikachu nails (which reminds me, I should totally do a pokeball naildesign!), Super Mario mushroom nails, adventure time nails (one of my favorite wacky cartoons), animal print, plaid... it's crazy and awesome. Even if you're a nailbiter or you hate putting on nailpolish it's a delight to see all the different designs. And, my favorite design of her, GALAXY NAILS. These are just brilliant, especially since november 9th was was Carl Sagan's birthday (R.I.P.) so I took a chance and tried it out. If you want to check out the tutorial, check here!: Gorgeous Galaxy Nails

My nails might not be quite as perfect as hers but I was so so so pleased when I was ready with my nails. I kept staring at them. :-D It was a little time consuming but pretty easy!

okay, they're PRETTY awesome, right?! Tell me what you think of them and if you enjoy tinkering around with nailpolish too! Here's how I did it:

I started with some dark blue as a base, just gave it two coats and let it dry.

After it had dried completely I started to sponge on some white nailpolish where I wanted my 'galaxy' to be on my nails. (sponging = putting a little bit of nailpolish on a sponge and 'pressing' the sponge onto your nail so that you get a kind of cloudy design on your nails) I just tore a tiny bit of a foundation sponge and pressed it onto my nails with the sponge between tweezers.

You let the white dry completely and you sponge on a bit of bright yellow in the center of your galaxy. Let it dry and start the last color, some rosy pink. A thin coat on your sponge and again, try to center it as much as you can so you have a nice flow of colors.

If you think you've overdone the white a bit in the beginning you can sponge a bit of dark blue polish over some of the white, it'll make the cloudiness more realistic.

After that you can add some little stars by dotting tiny white dots in the galaxies and on your nails from varying sizes. I did it with a little toothpick and the tip of a dried out pen. You can add some silver glitters to finish your starry sky et voila! You got some bangin' space nails!

I just bought some opaque white nailpolish, shimmery golden olive green and shimmery rusty golden orange by the way. Catrice is my favorite nailpolish brand ever, they have gorgeous colors and the durability is excellent if you ask me.

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  1. Yes they are pretty awesome! Please do a pokeball nail tutorial! Or a Pikachu tutorial! PIKA PIKAAAA

  2. ze zijn mooi maar ik zie het ook wel graag met nog iets meer donkerblauw of zwart zodat de ruimte net iets echter is! nu is je ruimte te vol! :d

  3. That's exactly the reason why I MUST stop chewing my nails. Gnarr. I've always wanted a galaxy on my nails. Must look wonderfully awesome with some galaxy prints on clothes ^_^

  4. that is really awesome! i love the universe and plantes etc. documentaries are my best friend haha. so these nails are perfect. thanks so much for sharing! :) yours turned out great.


  5. This is BEAUTIFUL but unfortunately it's out of my reach! I have no skills at all as a nail artist so I must keep it simple. I wish I could try Super Mario mushroom nails though!