vrijdag 23 december 2011

Today? Today it's christmas day!

A little early but it's better to be early than late, I guess? :-D This is one of the jumpers I bought last sale and I felt awesome wearing it. This might be one of the "ugliest" outfits I've ever worn (mixed prints, weird color combinations) but it was fucking awesome to wear this. It was warm, cosy and punk as well as cute and girly. If there's anything that I love doing clothingwise when it's cold outside, it's layering! When it's really cold I wear a tanktop, a shirt and a jumper and maybe even a cardigan over the jumper. Not to mention a thick coat and a big wooly scarf. Legwise I go for a thick legging underneath my fun bright tights. And socks! I need more socks! Thick, fun, wooly socks! I love socks, when it's really cold outside my feet go all icecubey on me so I wear thick socks in bed. My boyfriend's feet also get really cold in wintertimes but he doesn't want to wear socks so it's a win win situation, me wearing socks. I don't get bothered by his cold feet and he doesn't get bothered by mine.

What are you doing these holidays? Coming together with the family? Going out to party with some friends? Or just some cosy winterdays with your lover? Oh and I broke my family's "no presents at christmas" tradition! I bought my boyfriend a thing that he's gonna love and he bought me something too. We made a little agreement that, at christmas, we buy each other a little present and it couldn't cost more than 15 euro. I know he'll be happy with my gift and I'm sure he bought me something I love too, as you could see in my last post, he's one hell of a gift-buyer! :-D Our plans are simple for the holidays. Christmas eve will be full of chocolate mousse and sushi (yes, sushi is my go to meal for any special circumstances!) and our little tradition, watching 'The Muppet Christmas Carol'. It's that or 'Love Actually', my two favorite christmas movies! I love The Muppets and Michael Caine is one of the coolest human beings EVER. And the songs are just magic. The songs always bring tears to my eyes. If I hear Kermit's little voice singing these lovely songs I always get so happy and sad at the same time. I wish we lived in the muppet world. Where Electric Mayhem would paint your car rainbow with bubbles print (and you could make bubble print by blowing bubbles on your car!) and you would have christmas with the nice Ebenezer Scrooge and the whole Muppet clan. And who wouldn't want to socialize with Miss Piggy and listen to Rowlf the dog his magical piano skillz? And listen to Fozzie's horrible jokes? Wacka wacka wacka?! The Muppets just stand for pure goodness. Just sweet jokes, cool songs and awesome characters. Sure they might've made a couple of crappy movies but they'll never lose my love! So let me share this little song with you and my outfit, than I'll get out of your hair!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL5_P8Wn_Pw&feature=related (it feels like christmas)

Now tell me that's not a lovely song! That's right, you can't! Even Ebenezer Scrooge gets happy when he listens to this song! Happy holidays! And in case I don't talk to you anymore, happy new year too! :-)

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  1. dit is echt super adorable! fantastische combinatie, best outfit ever!