vrijdag 2 december 2011

Winter Shopping Spree

As I told you lovely peoples in my previous post: I went shopping last tuesday and I bought lots of awesome stuff! A little sidenote to avoid confusion: Yes, my hair is shorter in these pictures but I glued it back together for the next outfit posts. No okay that's not true. :-D I got my hair cut last friday but I still have at least 3 outfits with my longer hair that I haven't posted yet so my hair will magically grow withing the next two posts. I had been fantasizing about shorter hair for a while and I'm more of a do-er than a waiter when it comes to hair stuff. I always think 'Ah well, it'll grow back." Everytime I try to grow my hair out I get bored and realise that long hair is just not my thing. It looks fine but I feel more like 'myself' with shorter hair. It's spunky and punky and I love it.  Now the clothes!

This is one of the two coats I bought, it's really warm and it has shoulderpads. Normally I kind of dislike shoulderpads but I've grown accustomed to them and I actually like it in certain coats and jackets. It gives some coats more structure and shape, like with this one!
This is the second coat, leather! I love these kinds of Matrix coats. I always think they're so sexy and mysterious :-D. This one fits perfectly, I can easily wear a jumper underneath this coat and I often have the problem with leather coats that, while the fit might be great, you don't have any 'wiggle room' so to speak. 
It first had HUGE puffy sleeves attached to it but as soon as I got home I reached for the scissors and cut them off. The dress is such a beautiful color, I love the print and the fabric too. And now it's much more wearable! It could be taken in a couple of centimeters to fit perfectly but I'm not sure whether I need to do that or not. Maybe the kind of loose fit is charming? I almost always wear belts with my dresses so it's not really an issue.
Now the skirts!
This is almost a pencil skirt, it fits like a dream and the colors are just perfection. Yellow/orange with purple is always amazing! It ends a coule of centimeters below the knee and I love it so much!
This one ends exactly under the knees and I love the gorgeous colors. The red stripes are actually more of a pinkish color in real life and the base color is a lovely dark gray.
This color is just stunning and the shape of the skirt is divine. All thick, wool skirts by the way, so absolutely perfect for winter and colder fall and spring days! I'm in love with all the skirts! All highwaisted, of course!

This one looks a bit sacky on the hanger but trust me: nothing could be less true. It fits me like a glove and when something fits a curvy girl like a glove it instantly adds lots of sex appeal to the dress. I love the square neckline, the color and the little festive detail! I know what I'll be wearing at my christmas party! :-D But do remind me to iron this dress before wearing it to the party.

Okay this one might be slightly mad but it looks incredibly cute on me, trust me! It's so adorably country princess like. I'm not sure what to do with the sleeves though. I might cut off the weird lower part of the sleeve but I'm kind of liking the idea of the dress completely sleeveless too. 
Now the jumpers!
This one is really big, thick and cosy. I'll be wearing it A LOT in the colder time of the year, trust me! The colors are so adorably snowy, I couldn't not take it with me!

I fell for this one because of the little collar and the crazy ass colors. If there's anything that catches my eye, it's crazy ass colors. It also made me want to dye my hair green, red and purple. That'd look awesome together.
Again, these colors are gorgeous. I love browns and reds together, you get a little warmer by just looking at it! It's shorter and more fitted than the last two, fitting like a dream and also wonderfully warm!
This is an actual army sweater. It's incredibly warm and thick but it also fits perfectly! And I love this color. It's the color of my eyes! :-D It has shoulder and elbow patches!
Now, last but not least, my crazy old woman punk blazer!
Including shoulderpads! I'm contemplating whether to take out the shoulderpads though, I'm not sure yet. If you have any advice about taking out the shoulderpads or not, or cutting of the sleeves of my plaid dress, let me know! And well, while I'm here I can post my outfit of the day too!
How do you lovely creatures like my new clothes? And my darker eyebrows? :-D

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  1. je make up is prachtig, en mijn lievelingsstuks zijn de geruite blazer (AWESOME en ik wil em), de geruite plooitjesrok en de groene overgooier! <3

  2. Awesome haul! Everything's so wonderfully colourful. Colour for the depressive grayish weather in winter, perfect ;)
    And I love love love your leather coat! I want a long black leather coat so badly. I'm also in love with the skirts and dresses you've bought, especially the pleated skirt (oh pleats, I love pleats, esp. with heavy fabric like wool) and the Dirndl-style dress. That's what we'd call it here. Or "Trachtenstil" in general. Countryside look. Which really is sexy, especially for us girls with boobs :D Don't hide it, show it ^^. The blazer rocks totally! Ow, great what you've found there. We've got a second hand shop here in Passau too, just found it on Friday, they've also got some really great stuff, but sadly it's the great stuff that's expensive. But I've saw a bag and a hat there... Oh yes, they're worth almost 50€ each. But it's brand stuff. Which doesn't always look better. I saw a satin blouse there, nice colour, terracotta-bronce-whatever, almost like the colour your links have on this blog. Dolce & Gabbana. 47€. But as I took a closer look... cheap polyester lace for the ruffles in front! In a colour that stood out too much. Yep, I'm criticizing D&G. So, Designer-clothes don't always look like it.

    By the way, thank you sooo much for your comments on my blog! They've become one hightlight of my morning-routine while checking my mails ^_-
    Seems like my drawing style is a mixture of NBC, cartooning the "ideal" body for fashion and Half Life :D Strange. And as soon as I get the chance for a trip to Antwerp, I'll announce you! It just can take a while. First I've gotta do a one day trip to Vienna and one to Prague. Or Prague maybe a weekend. I've gotta see this bone-cathedral near Prague. Have you ever heard or read of it? Amazing. For morbid people at least.

  3. Oh I totally forgot to mention your makeup and brows!
    As one with thick brows (I look strange having 'em plucked too thin) I like the darker ones. It's not too dark, so it looks naturally, while it accentuates them. You're brows really have a nice shape ;) And your makeup is colourful as your hair and clothes. Looking at your eye-makeup brightens up my day :D

  4. Wow! That was a solid shopping spree!! All great finds, I especially love the plaid jacket! I got one of those recently too, unfortunately its too damn hot to wear it!! You make-up is stunning too

  5. Hey thanks for your comment on my blog, although I understood only the first 4 words ^^ you wrote "Eerste foto is prachtig en je hebt die jurk echt goed gecostumised! Zo zou ik de jurk ook zeker dragen"

    you're annebeth's sister right? :) Nice to "meet" you! And I can't tell how awesome your hair is!!

  6. oh i love it all! i cant even get over that black trench coat! and your blazer with the shoulder pads, thats so rad! i love it, keep the shoulderpads, its totally retro and awesome :) you got so much cool stuff, im totally jelly! but glad that you can continue on with yo fabulous self! :)

    BTW i tagged you in my christmas wishlist on my blog :) and also added you to my blogroll cuz you rule! yay! :)

  7. I'm so envious! These are such great finds. I especially love the skirts and the sweaters, and the first coat looks beautiful on you. And what about that jacket? It's love at first sight, I can't wait to see in which awesome ways you'll wear it!
    Life is a romantic poem
    P.s: I'm going to reply to your e-mail soon...gosh, I'd love to have a 48 hour day!