vrijdag 7 december 2012

Another color, another piercing

As promised, my friends, I bring you SPLENDID PINK HAIR:

Yes, if pink hair won't make you smile I don't know what will! I missed my bright hair. As soon as I washed the dye out and looked in the mirror I thought "OH LOVER, where have you been all my life?!" and continued to look in the mirror for a minute or two. Okay no, more like ten minutes while smiling like a maniac. Everytime I see the pink hair I get a shot of instant happiness. Oh bright hair, nothing will ever make me feel quite as much as myself as you. I swear I was born to have pink hair. The comments I get on my hair are always positive too, not including the sour old ladies who ask "Does your mother approve of this?". I smile widely and tell them that my mother is the badass who dyed my hair. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! My mom is the bestest. The bright hair doesn't shock her anymore but my new piercing did do the trick;

I was shopping with a friend today (who baked brownies for my birthday this upcoming sunday, the sweetiepie, knowing that I swoon for anything chocolatey <3) and I have been lusting after a new piercing for a while. She's no stranger to piercings either so this was the perfect moment to go for it and be spontaneous. A friend from school recommended this tattoo/piercing shop and the friend I was out shopping with told me that she also had great experiences with that same shop so before I knew it I was sitting on the little stool thingie with a needle through my septum.

Credits to the sis who planted the idea of a septum piercing in my head, since she mentioned it I haven't been able to get it out of my head. A moment of spontaneity was all I needed and I'm SO happy. My mom was a little shocked but since she's also awesome she told me that, whatever kinds of needles I put through my nose, I'll always be the most beautiful girl in the world. That's a good momster for ya right there. I feel like such a badass with my piercing and my pink hair, haha. The piercinglady told me, before the piercing, that people told her that this particular piercing was possible a) one of the most painful piercings possible or b) barely noticable on the pain scale. Of course I kind of freaked out a little because ARGH, PAINZ. But I turned out to be one of the people who though it was barely noticable. My eyes didn't even water. Again, feeling like such a badass. I really love the way it looks and I'm so happy I did it!

How about you? Piercings? Loving them or regretting them? And what about the painnnnnn? I freaking love piercings. I want more. :-D

Dress classy, dance cheesy, my friends. Have a wonderful weekend!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Your hair looks great. The cut and colour really suit you. I like piercings, but I'm not a complete fan of the septum piercing. I mean, whatever salts your cracker, right. Not my body. I'm more into just plain nose piercings or lots of holes in the ears. :]

  2. I don't know if you are aware of this, but you are actually the coolest person in the world. I love your hair! Holy shit it looks amazing. And EEEEEKK I have always wanted a septum piercing. It really suits you! I got my nose pierced when I was 17 but then it got all gross and infected, eeeeewwww. I also used to have a cheek piercing but that got gross and infected as well haha. Anyway you look awesome! I love how you colour your eyebrows pink as well :)

  3. Yep, nu wil ik ook een septum. Je staat er prachtig mee!! :)

  4. you's such a badass giiiirl en ik vind em echt supermooi, heel subtiel bij je!

  5. Love both the hair and the piercing! Die laatste foto is prachtig trouwens. Als mijn mams wat opener zou staan voor gezichtspiercings zat ik ongetwijfeld niet al jaren te wikken en wegen voor een medusa.

  6. loooove the hair you babezerina you! its like pink should have been your natural hair color, looks so good on you. and i love the spontanious piercing story! that is so rad, it looks super cool ive wanted the septum piercing for so long now!!! i think i will go get it, my parents will freak the fuck out, but what can you do, im glad your mom is as awesome as she is :)