maandag 21 januari 2013

C-c-c-c-cold but happy

Welp, we finally got some winter wonderland action going over here in Belgium. Thankfully it wasn't too much of an inconvenience except for being an hour late for class one time because the bus decided not to show up. But apart from that it's all good.

With the little chit-chat about the weather out of the way: some happiness! I've got such positive things in my life going on and I'm so incredibly happy. I write articles for a Belgian gaming site (with the possibility of reviewing games and going to press events in the future!), school is going great, I got comments from my photography teacher stating that I have serious potential and that I should definitely try to actually study art AND I just got a little email stating that I will be part of a body positive project here in Belgium. More info on that later, I will now just say that I am SO incredibly happy for getting recognistion for who I am, what I love and what I do. I feel like my life is heading in a great direction and it's the most wonderful feeling in the world. Sometimes I can't believe how much my life has changed in the last year and everytime I realise how much it has changed I can't help but be happy. I'M HAPPY, YO.

Now some beautiful outfitpictures in the snow! Even though I mostly just worry about keeping my ass warm in cold times I still try and put a little creativity in my clothes.

A little HOLLA @ Barry M cosmetics for the amazing eyeshadow. Bright eyeshadow? You know that be mah thing but finding bright, colorful eyeshadow that covers your eyelid nicely isn't the easiest task. A friend from school recommended this brand and I'm in love with it. This green eyeshadow is amazaballs, no? Also, I was in no way, shape or form paid to say this. I really love it and would recommend it to anyone. Take a look at ALL THE PRETTY COLORS of dazzle dust! That's beauty right there. Now Imma go study and enjoy my happiness high. Catch ya later!

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  1. AMAGA JE HAAR en deze hele outfit, perfection!! waarom ben je niet op lookbook

  2. Oh gosh you're so beautiful Naomi :) if I were into girls...LOL. Anyways I really don't know where to start 'cause these outfit photos are perfection itself, girl. I love the uber-colorful make up, it looks great on you <3

  3. Woohoo! those are awesome things going on in your life! I'm so happy for you, you deserve it all! I'm so excited to hear more about this project you are gonna be part of! super cool! :)))

    I absolutely love all of these amazingly bright colors against the white snow, these pictures look like something from a cool gallery. Your outfit is bomb diggity :D i love the floral leggins and the long black coat over it all! fucking classy! :) you look very cool.


  4. Those close-ups are stunning! Echt superleuke snit ook, het is blijkbaar goed gelukt! En die broek is echt mooi.

  5. I'm so happy you've got so many great things going on at the moment, you deserve all of the happiness! as usual I love everything about your photos, the hair is totally badass, the clothes are gorgeous, the makeup is super fun and you are beautiful. *Also I'm fairly jealous of your gaming site gig!!

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous! Love that you are so fierce, I wouldn't dare to cut off my hair.
    Also glad that everything is going well there <3

  7. I cannot get over how amazing your hair is. You were born to have colorful hair, seriously. It's so gorgeous and fierce! And your makeup is the bomb! I'm swooning over it all.
    I am so, so glad that some happiness has come into your life! How exciting to be part of a body positive project! You are such a great person to be involved in something like that. And I love that you're finally getting recognized for who you are and what you love to do! Ah, I'm so happy for you!

  8. What an incredible outfit! I just love your pants and your coat is fabulous! Stunning look for in the snow!


  9. oh my gosh, there's so much goodness going on in your life right now! that's awesome you get to do something you like like writing articles for a gaming site, and congrats on being asked to join the body positive project! i love love LOVE your floral leggings, especially with those boots. gorgeous!

    xo Marlen
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  10. You look so pretty - love the pants and hair!
    And also thanks for your comment!

    Have the loveliest day,

  11. I'm so glad to hear you are having such great things happen in your life, it is always nice to be recognized for who you are and what really interests you! You look lovely, I adore the eye makeup, I rarely wear bright shadows and I really should. I love this military green sweater and that black coat is fabulous too.


  12. You're one of my favourite bloggers! I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award :)

  13. gorgeous hair and gorgeous pants dear <3 i follow u,if u want follow me back :-)

  14. YOUR HAIR, IT'S AMAZING! And I'm digging your outfit, those leggings are so cool. "I write articles for a Belgian gaming site" what?!?!? That's amazing, congrats :D

  15. Congratulations, I'm so glad life is treating you good, you deserve it girl! :)
    Also you look fab in the snow, I love how you put so many colours in the outfit to fight the wintery tristesse! You rock this look!

    Heartly greetings from not snowy but freakin cold Germany ;)