maandag 14 januari 2013

Konichiwa, Bitchez!

Here it is. When hair becomes epic, it looks like this:

I feel like I was born to have this hair. It's easy, perfect for my lazy ass, I can put a mohawk up in there!!!!!!

MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE! Every time I look in the mirror I feel like the bad ass chick that's inside me has come out. The color, the cut, the length, it's the most perfect haircut I've ever had. My sister declared that she's "a fan" of mine once she saw my new 'do. Some people looked incredibly shocked in school, declaring "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" and I've heard silly things like "Short hair is for boys" (ugh, this is worth a whole 'nother post because what is deemed "boyish" and "girly" is mainly a social construct) but to keep this post positive I won't start another rant about silly opinions. Plus there were also plenty of people who told me that it looks perfect on me. I will declare my love for me and my hair because I am a kick ass woman with hair to match with my personality. Also, I kind of dig the feeling of those really short hairs in the back of my neck. Just wanted to share the awesomeness with my lovely readers because you are awesome!

Peace out, lovelies! And don't let anybody ever tell you what you should wear or how you should cut your hair. To, once again in a post about hair, quote The Gaga: I'll die living just as free as my hair.

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  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOMMMYYYYYGODDDDDDESSSSSSSSS!!!!! You have been liberated from not only your hair but from what others think of it! It's as beautiful as it is tough. You look gorgeous sweetie!!!!!

  3. AWESOME! Het staat je inderdaad echt supergoed. En de kleur(en)... Binnenkort volledig pinterest vol haha.

  4. Amazeballs. This hair suits you so so much, you look absolutely stunning!

  5. Wauw! Echt geweldig! Das zo'n vreemd gevoel om je haar te wassen als je haar vanachter ineens zo kort is, kei leuk om met je vingers over te gaan :D

  6. HELLS YEAH IT LOOKS SO FRIGGIN GOOD. How do you manage to have the most awesome hair in the world ALL THE TIME? You are a hot babe and I want to marry you and have your babies and hopefully they will be born with awesome hair like yours.

  7. OMG you cut it! Wow it's so short now! But it still has the cool colour and it actually really suits you Miss Badass! :)

  8. i love it so much! it looks amazing!! you look super bad ass and it look better on you than on robyn, it might be the pink addition or just your awesomeness :D love it


  9. "Short hair is for boys" -- ha, yes, because boys totally cut their hair like this and dye it bright pink. I mean... not to say they can't, but it's pretty unusual. Where I live, anyway.
    Besides, no matter what length your hair is, I doubt anyone would EVER mistake you for a boy. You are way too beautiful to even resemble a boy. Oh, people. You ROCK for having this hair. It is the perfect, perfect hair on you and I adore it completely!