woensdag 6 maart 2013

OHAI: life update and a crazy print mix, 'cause that's how I roll

SO I'M BACK. I wasn't dead, my computer was. I missed the blogging game and reading all you gals' blogs and I'll be catching up on all your posts for the next days. Catching up on the internets is a big job, you know. Things have been quite busy in my life too so I'll give you guys the most important update: I HAS A BOYFRIEND. While I can hardly believe it, it's really kind of perfect. I met him at the nerd con last October and we've been dating for a month or two now, after countless of LONG ASS chats about everything and nothing. He met my sis and mother and they both very much approved of him, which means the world to me. I met his family and they very much approved of me. It still kind of shocks me to see how EASY everything is going, how naturally comfortable we are around each other. He fits the list I made, months ago, on what my dream dude would be like.

Zelda geek? Check.
Feminist? Check.
On board with crazy clothing and hair? Check.
Sensitive and smart? Check.
I can beat him at Mario Kart and he doesn't go moping around like a little kid? CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK.
Loves music, from Gaga to The Offspring to Depeche Mode to The Beatles? Check.
Wants to watch movies all day long, like me? Check.
Pure adorkableness? Triple check.

I'm on a love high right now and it FEELS SO FINE. I'll probably do a EMO post one of these days on my emotional growth when it comes to the loveydoveys, once again I've learned a great deal about myself. Furthermore, I had a photoshoot for a Belgian project called "The Bird Project", more info on that later this month. It's a body positive project, founded by the adorable Sabine and I'm incredibly proud to be a part of it. Still loving my writing job at the gaming site, I'll be reviewing my first game in a couple of days and I can't WAIT. Also, I went to go see Les Misérables with the big sis, the momster and the BF and I want to marry Anne Hathaway. And OH YEAH I have purple hair these days.

Beanie, leggings: H&M
Sweater, coat: thrifted
Fluffy scarf: sister's
shoes: Urban Outfitters

I swear the next post won't take three bazillion years to put up again! I've missed this too much. Lots of love for you and be on the look out for a geekery post because I'll be going to another nerd con this weekend. LOTS OF PICTURES! And I will be cosplaying again. YES.

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  1. I have missed seeing your purty face and unique style and beautiful photos always!!!! The purple hair is gorgeous same with that blue fluffy scarf! I'm very happy to hear you so happy and in love with someone worthy of your affection.

  2. YAY! :) Tijd dat ik ook eens reageer!
    Looking good girl + nice outfit! Can't wait to see the Bird Project pictures, obviously! And congratz on the boyfriend part! :) Daar kan ik ook nog wat van leren!
    MUAH! x

    Femke - www.meandmyego.com

  3. Ahh de leggings, pretty! En supercool dat je de perfecte boyfrund hebt gevonden! Veel geluk samen! xo

  4. So happy for you, babe! You look incredible <3

  5. I'm so happy for you and your new guy! Glad things are working out so good for you! yayy! you deserve it girl :) he sounds like a great guy :)

    You look sooo amazing in this outfit, that coat is like..whaaa??? amazing..just so fucking cool. i need it, really how cool is that coat? too cool? yes! and the purple fur is just to die for. im not even overexadurating, such a cool outfit! and the neon beanie on your hair color is so cute! :) i love it and I'm glad you're back! :)


  6. Welcome back! I've missed your fabulousness. And I'm so happy to hear that things are going so well for you! I'm glad at least one of us has found their zelda nerd

  7. Look at you all bright and fabulous!!! I love everything about this outfit!! And I can't wait to see your cosplay costume!! NERDS FOREVER!!!

  8. Yess you're back! I'm so happy for you, your bo sounds PERFECT. And as always you look flawless and awesome, I'm digging this look.

  9. Since we've already talked about the "personal stuff" I'll just focus on the outfit :D LOVE. Love the print mix and most importantly the fur stole against your brand new purple hair <3

  10. I'm SO EXCITED that you have a wonderful boyfriend! He sounds amazing and perfect for you. But you tell him, even though I live really far away, I'm here to beat him up for you if there's ever a need. ;) Which, it sounds like there won't be. He sounds very sweet.
    I LOVE your hair. And your yellow eyeshadow. And your flowery leggings that look like the jeans I just bought recently, which makes me want to wear mine so we can be twins. And your purple scarf. It's glorious. You are pretty. I have missed reading your posts and looking at your pictures.
    Happy Wednesday!

  11. I have to comment on this outfit again to say how rad i think this outfit is! I just love it! you look awesome :)