donderdag 20 september 2012

Purples, florals and a tiny bit of jibber-jabber

Thank you lovelies so much for your wonderful comments and good wishes on my last post. People might think I must be hella crazy to put my "deepest, darkest secrets" on the interwebz but if you ask me, there's nothing more interesting and empowering than reading/writing about an actual person. Someone with highs and lows, who goes through things you might have gone through or are going through. I can't even tell you how much reading other peoples' stories have helped me through some of my darkest moments and while I do write my blog for myself, like a diary, I do hope that, if anyone who comes across this blog is going through something bad in their life, it might give them a little solid ground. I have posts where I write about my feelings, about death and abandonement, heartbreak and mental problems, but I also write about things and people that I love. Whether it's the untimely death of a friend, a cheating significant other, a new crush on a cutie who sits next to you in English, having crazy, cosy afternoons with your sister and mother or just buying some new sunglasses, it's all part of life. As I make a bit of a point of being a "realistic" blogger, it only seems logical that I don't just share cute outfits and giggles about my cats with you. But I should totally put some pictures of my cats up on my blog because cats are always awesome.

This outfit is very matchy-matchy for my taste but I loved it and it turned quite a couple of heads. While wearing this outfit someone told me that I just RADIATE creativity, which is pretty cool, if you ask me. The days have become much colder now but looking at outfits of warmer days make me feel a bit warmer. For a second. After that second I feel my feet slightly freezing and an annoying tickle in my throat, reminding me of the fact that it's the time of the year that everybody gets sick. School is full of germs, y'all.

Oh and FYI: I did get my password back from my ex, he gave it to me after I went batshit over the phone. And I don't actually have a crush on someone in my English class. I WISH. Au contraire, there's a guy in some of my classes that reminds me of my ex. I'm not getting along with him very well. :-D


and YAY for awesome new sunglasses!

dress, sunglasses, earrings: C&A
shirt: 3 suisses, cut off the sleeves
sandals: H&M
necklace: veritas
belt: thrifted
ring: sister's

Imma go crawl into bed with a cuppa tea and Stephen King's "Different Seasons"! I was too impatient to read the first two stories and skipped right through to "The Body", the story that got made into a little movie we call "Stand by me". Hands down one of my favorite movies ever. Chris Chambers, ah man, I love you. I feel an overwhelming urge to cry when he tells Gordie about the time he stole the milk money and breaks down. And it was gorgeous in the book, too. Now I need to watch the movie again.

"I'll see you."
"Not if I see you first!"


4 opmerkingen:

  1. je ziet er prachtig uit, en je matcht je nieuwe lay out!! :D

  2. Even if I understand why not everyone feels comfortable in writing personal things on a blog, where everybody could read them, I appreciate most when I see that a blogger puts all herself/himself in her/his blog. By the way, I like this matchy outfit, very artsy and creative indeed, and I LOVE your lipstick!

  3. Amen to that! I always feel way more connected to bloggers if they show some realness, so gals don't even show themselves and that makes me sad. I love this outfit, soft girlie and that blue guitar ear ring rocks!

  4. I think the matchy outfit works because of the different patterns. You rock it. Also, I need yellow nail-polish, stat. So good!

    I definitely love reading blogs when people put their personal lives into it! I mean, I do love me some pretty pictures, but I can relate and comment SO more when the bloggers share their real life and aren't just a blog full of perfect-ness. So you are definitely one of my favorite blogs because you have pretty pictures AND you write about real life. And I love it.
    I've been working on writing more of my real life into my blog, inspired by you and a few others, but it's hard because I feel like my life is a little bit boring. (This is why I never, ever successfully kept a journal when I was younger; I never had anything fun to write about, in my opinion.)That, and I get shy thinking about the fact that my friends and coworkers read the blog as well. It's way scarier to share my thoughts with people I know in real life than with strangers in the blogosphere. Weird.
    I hope you have a fantastic weekend!