dinsdag 11 september 2012

Genie in a bottle pants, Weird Al and start of school

Yes, those pants haven't been gone long, but now that the weather is still appropriate I'm wearing them like crazy. They're so comfy and awesome it's not even funny. Also, if I think of "Genie in a bottle" I can't help but think about the Weird Al Yankovic cover "Weenie in a bottle". The chorus cleverly goes "I stuck my weenie in a bottle and now I can't get it out". I'm not SUPER crazy about Weird Al but some of his stuff is pretty awesome, especially "White & Nerdy" since Weird Al wears a "Carl Sagan is my homeboy" shirt in it (which I need) and the Seth Green cameo (super adorkable redhead), but "Pretty fly for a rabbi" and "Amish paradise" are pretty fun too. Though they don't have the lyrics "Ain't got no grills but I still wear braces". Genius.

ANYHOO, these pants are fantabulous and the earrings are new, I bought them as a souvenir at the Efteling and they're gorgeous. And they jingle. I can't resist a jingling earring. I'm tired and a little slow from all the new school stuff but it's all good, I'm excited about interesting classes and learning new things! The beginning is always a little awkward and tiring with not knowing where to find your new classes and being late. SO AWKWARD when you come in late, everyone is sitting down and the teacher is explaining something while you just barge in like "OHAI I'M IN THIS CLASS TOO" and the teacher gives you this look that says "I'm totally trying to make you feel like a bad person" while I just want to say "DOOD it's not my fault my bus was late!". He didn't seem to mind all that much but I'd rather not do it again. He was also just explaining, when I barged in, that he didn't appreciate latecomers. My timing of being late seemed to be perfect. And there's a really strange girl in my class that, while we were debating politics, said that democracy should be overthrown in Belgium to become a dictatorship.

I'm not sitting next to her.

Hope that, if your schoolyear just started, you're having a great start and that if you're working, being unemployed or just jacking off all day long, that that's working for you too! :-D

Hello there, ASS
jacket: secondhand
top: vintage
pants: H&M
bracelets: my moms
belt: thrifted
earrings: giftshop "Fata Morgana" 
sandals: river island
nailpolish: china glaze

3 opmerkingen:

  1. You look AWESOME. I love, love, LOVE your hair, and you rock those genie pants. I hope school goes well!
    Also, it's nice to see a blogger who isn't afraid to show off her curvaceous assets. (ha! Sort of a pun. I didn't mean for it to be.) You have a rockin' bod. I love your confidence! It inspires me to be more confident in my own body and not care that I'm not the normal ideal of beauty.

  2. YOU ARE SUCH A BABE AND YOU GIVE ME CONSTANT HAIR ENVY. I am always late to class. In one of my classes, you can't access the room without a swipe card, and of course I don't have a swipe card, so not only am I late but I have to stand there like a dickhead knocking on the door until somebody lets me in. lololol. LOVE the nose ring by the way. xoxo gossip gurrrrrllllll.

  3. "I stuck my weenie in a bottle"?! I need to check this cover out :D
    Anyway you look stunning, I love your top and how it looks with your awesome pants and gosh I love your jackets and earrings (ca I say the word love just one more time? LOVE).
    It's always annoying (and of course super awkward) for me to be late, and it's even more annoying if it's not my fault (like the train/bus/whatever was late), like in your case.