maandag 19 maart 2012

70's outfit + golden eyes

Yes, I did actually enjoy 007 golden eye (the videogame on the N64, not the movie. I can't seem to get myself to ever finish a 007 movie unless I actually go see them in the theatre) but these particular golden eyes are the eyes of yours truly! I love golden eyeshadows. They look amazing with my eyes and skintone (though I think that it looks great with basically every skintone and eyecolor, on darker skinned people with brown eyes <3 as well as blondes with baby blues), maybe change the kind of gold to your liking. I love all kinds of golds. I love the more bronze-brown gold, the vintage dark gold, the bright yellow-gold, I think it's the shimmer I like the most. I remember I got my first golden eyeshadow (baked) on my thirteenth birthday and I was too scared to wear it with it being such a strong color. Now, 5 years later, I do actually use it. And yes, I now confessed that I don't hold myself to the dates that come on the back of the make up boxes. I have make up that I stole from my sister when I was eleven or something that I still use (no worries sis, it's a black kohl pencil, nothing special :-D) and it's always been okay. I do try to apply my make up with clean brushes and sponges (I try to clean them once every 2-3 weeks). The only product I actually do throw away once the date on the back has passed is mascara. But my mascara usually doesn't last that long since the expiration date is around twelve months and I finish my mascara's in less than a year. Do you guys actually "listen" to the expiration dates on your make up? When I have a little more time on my hands I'm gonna do a make up post with all the eyeshadows and lipsticks I own, I always love to see pictures of other peoples make up so I'm guessing you do too! :-D

I kind of wish I had some awesome seventies clunky wedges to wear with this dress. Some heels I could still walk in that just give the illusion of being elegant. :-D
I really like my ass in that dress. Just sayin'. Now for the make up!
I have the perfect rusty-red lipstick to wear with golden eyeshadows! I love the golden shimmer it has.
My nails here were still a little blueish from washing out the dye in my hair.
A little announcement: I'm gonna be moving! Our house is falling apart and luckily we found a cute little place not too far from here. While the house we now live in has this gorgeous garden I will definitely miss, I will not miss the leaky roof, the cracks in the walls that let in all kinds of cold during the winter, the walls that seem to be coming down and the electricity that sometimes just likes to give up on us. Yes, this house is a freaking mess and I think I won't fully realise how strange it's gonna be to live in a normal house where you don't have to worry whether the livingroom will stay dry during the rain or not. I have set my heart on painting the walls of my bedroom along the lines of this (but more colors, just this pixel-y technique):
Which is gonna be awesome. Or I get a Zelda wall!
That'd be freaking awesome. :-D Have a lovely day!

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  1. The gold eyeshadow looks great on you! I have a similar one but I'm very lazy about wearing it since it's not so visible when I'm wearing glasses. Good luck with your move!

  2. You're so cute! I wish I had the patience to do my makeup. I just clumsily put on some lipstick and go!
    Also, I love your sweater ;)

  3. I WANT A ZELDA WALL. How cool would that be?! Also I used to play Goldeneye, you should totally come to Australia so we can play n64 together :D I love everything about your hair and makeup and outfit as usual! You are just the coolest looking girl in the whole world :)

  4. The lipstick looks really pretty with the gold shimmer to it :D wanting some 70s platformy shoes too!

  5. Lovely blog.

  6. Oooh, I love your sweater (so '70s!), it looks great with your dress...and your make up is fabulous. I'm not courageous enough to wear golden eyeshadow (actually it looks like I'm not corageous enough to wear any kind of eyeshadow...oh well), but it looks amazing on you. You know, I generally don't mind make up expiration dates too, but I'm careful about expiration dates of foundation creams and lipsticks.
    Good luck with your move, darling! It sounds so exciting (but also so exausting)! And if you'll decide to paint a wall with Mario or Link I definetely WANT to see a photo :D
    Life is a romantic poem

  7. i love the sweater. and the last full length of you
    and gold eyeshadow! yes! that's my favorite anything in the tan to brown and goldeny hues range are my favorite. especially shimmery.
    i never pay attention to the dates either. except with mascara. i usually keep it for about a year, then get a new kind.