donderdag 2 mei 2013

Rant: That Weird Chick

So this is one of my "weirdest" outfits in a while and I felt pretty awesome wearing it. I wear strange things from time to time and people stare at me. I get people staring and pointing and I wonder why I bother wearing strange things because people take appearances so seriously. I have these moments where I wonder why I wear "strange" things. Do I want attention? Do I want to make a statement? Do I feel like being a rebel or do I like shocking people? Am I one of those stereotypical young girls who's trying to "find" herself? Am I trying to say something meaningful when I'm, in fact, full of quasi-sense making bullshit? I question things and I wonder. After every time I think or talk about this, be it with my sister, Mr. Canon Girl or Jules, I come to the same conclusion: it doesn't really matter.

Whatever reasoning is behind what you wear, you convey a certain image to the outside world. That image may be that of a prep, a jock, a punk or a girl-next-door. People will judge you. You might judge you. But somewhere along the line you forget why you're actually wearing something: because you fucking FEEL like it. Sometimes I feel like wearing short skirts or a snakeskinprint skinny. People will feel the need to tell me that my legs are too thick to wear said clothing items. Because of that, I will start questioning why I wear it. Do I WANT people to say things like that? Am I provoking them, by having these legs and putting them in certain pants? Or am I just wearing PANTS? Life is made way too complicated, I can tell you that. The most important thing to realise is the following: it's all just opinions. I've been called "easter bunny", "ugly" and "cool girl" in the last couple of weeks by random people/kids on the street. I guess I have to live with the fact that, as long as I choose to come across as "extreme" in one way or another, people will react in extreme ways. A flock of insecure fourteen-year-old girls might call me ugly and point their fingers at me. A group of laughing twelve-year-old girls will scream out "check out that cool girl!" and smile at me. 

Either way, after thinking about the art that is walking down the street in a society that tells people their opinions matter, I stand in front of my closet. I look at the colors, prints and take a look in the mirror. My hair needs shaving. My eyebrow might need piercing. When I want to close my closet doors, a bright green oversized shirt catches my eye and I feel like wearing it with something purple. That's how the magic happens, people. I don't have grand philosophies about my wardrobe choices. I don't think "Let's kick the world in the balls today!".

Sometimes, the chick in the weird clothing just liked the idea of putting green and purple together and called it a day.

Dress, earrings: H&M    Shirt: Vintage    Tights: Veritas  Sneakers: Pimkie   Belt: Dad's   Ring, bracelet: Vintage

Next post will be YET ANOTHER nerd convention/cosplay post! And I will finally present Mr. Canon Girl to you. Peace out, blogbabes.

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  1. You know, this reminds me of that time when I went to my university wearing a skirt. Not a micro skirt, not a "weird-looking skirt" (whatever the hell that expression means), just my old classic red plaid skirt. Nothing strange, no? Well I can assure you I got many weird stares. I think that "dressing weird" is a relative thing ad depends a lot on the context and on how the people that surrounds you usually dress (in my case, the "university uniform" is a shirt, a cardigan and jeans. VERY ORIGINAL). So yeah, at the end of the day, who cares. You should dress like YOU want to, not how like other people wants to.
    By the way, I don't think that mixing green with purple is such a weird idea, those colors look great together. And the tights too my dear, since green is the complementary color of red. You mix colors really well in my opinion (and that dress looks spectacular on you!!).

  2. I'm glad you're you. I like that we're in the same world together.

  3. I... don't think this outfit is weird. At all really. Its fabulous. But not weird. Green and purple, and red and purple are two of my favourite colour combos. I dunno about 'the Easter Bunny', but you're definitely a cool girl

  4. Zoals je zelf al zei, mensen zullen altijd een mening over je hebben wat je ook doet. En so what als die negatief is. Ik neem altijd aan dat negatieve commentaren enkel voortkomen uit jaloersheid en/ of weinig zelfvertrouwen. Dus we kunnen alleen maar medelijden hebben met zij die alles als "verkeerd", "te anders", "te kleurrijk", weetikveelwat zien. Deze 'je m'en fous' attitude siert je.

    Over de outfit, weer heel leuk maar ik vind het jammer dat het hemdje je wespentaille verdoezelt, die mag gezien worden!

    (PS: UW HAAAAAAAR <3 )

  5. Well said darlin, well said. I love this outfit. I have a similar dress, the colors are a bit different but the print is almost the same. I actually love purple and green together, my room was mad up of purple and green before i moved out and when i moved out I planned on making my new bathroom the colors of purple and green, I seriously dont miss a chance to wear the two colors together, I just don't have enough material! So good on you for doing it! and especially because you feel like it! I think the attention from people is good, because you are obviously doing something awesome, awesome enough to get all kinds of reactions from all kinds of people. I love your style! and I love reading your blog. It really is just as simple as that. I'm wearing this today, because I feel like it.


  6. You're such a boss. I agree with everything you've said! geeze I can't believe random people on the street call you names. Says more about them than it does about you and your fabulous self. I love how positive you are :) And of course your outfit is omgah amazing.

  7. The whole thing magically works together. That dress is so pretty!
    I always know when an outfit will provoke people to stare or give comments about it, but that's never the purpose. I think we just simply feel like it.
    As I stated before in my post, I don't really care about the opinion of the mass.

  8. such a nice outfit! your blog looks very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


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