dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Shopping spree at Think Twice!

Here are my new clothes!

So happy with them, most of all I love the colors and prints.
If there's anything that captivates me when shopping, it's a good print or vibrant color. And I have found one of the most beautiful prints ever seen. Seriously, apart from the fact that the dress looks awesome on me, the print is hauntingly beautiful and  I kind of want to marry it. I love that kind of art too. I'll start with that one! I love me some green too, such a good color on me! :-D

Dayum, is this beautiful or what?

I love these kinds of vests, they always give a little rock 'n roll twist to your outfit and they emphasize my waist wonderfully.

I got thise one from my sis who bought it because she loved the print so much. Too bad it's like three sizes too big for her. :-D It looks a little potato sacky but it looks really cute with a scarf/belt in the waist! I love the print too! Lovely colors and I love anything with a heart print, so sweet! I will have to cut the underskirt out of it because that's a little too tight on the hips but that's okay, I can wear it with leggings underneath or just buy another underskirt!
This cardigan is really warm and a really christmassy color, great for the upcoming winter!
LOVE this color! I've been looking for a cardigan with this springgreen kind of color and I found it in my lovely T2 vintage store! It'll be so much fun to combinate this sweet cardi with all my dresses and skirts!
This one might look a little granny ish and shapeless but the color is beautiful and it'll look awesome with my highwaisted skirts! It's super cute, the collar is awesome. The next ones are very seventies, yay!
This color... well, you know what I'm gonna say. Yellow is so sunny and I love it with my purple hair!

This print is just gorgeous too, I love these delicate flowerprints. They always remind me of Kaoru Kamiya, my favorite anime heroine who always wears these beautiful kimonos.

Rurouni Kenshin = Best anime ever!
Stuff my boyfriend bought:
Really cute shirt, bright red!
Going grandpa chic, sweatervest ahoy!
Another sweatervest, I might steal this one though!
A fun shirt that I also might steal!
Gray sweater, very warm!
this is my favorite shirt of his, it's actually red, white and purple! Looks really good on him. Now for the coats, all 3 euro!!!
This one's crazy and awesome. I wish the sleeves would have those... long stringy things attached like the woodstock jacket of Roger Daltrey.

My boyfriend looking cranky, pretending to not like modelling for pictures. He secretly loves it though! :-D
This one's really classy.
This one's actually a lot more 'square' in real life, with broad shoulders. It's really eighties.
Our new matching blue wintercoats! I love mine so much, it's so feminine and the color looks very good on me! I love a rich blue on pale skin. His is so beautiful too, so mature and cool! This was my shopping spree, hope you enjoyed it! :-D

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  1. alles is vet mooi! ik denk dat die met de hartjesprint niet zo zakkig meer is als je em draagt met een brede riem in de taille en de knoopjes een beetje open hoor, je hebt een smalle taille dus dat countert het zakkige perfect!

  2. Woooow de print van die eerste!!!! En ik hou ook van de christmascardigan, en Glenn's jassen zijn mega awesome en jouw lange jas is supermooi. Ik kom adjectieven te kort :D

  3. You and your boyfriend are so cute! And awesome colors, that's probably the coolest shopping spree ever.

  4. Wow, alles van de T2? Ik heb 'm vorige week pas ontdekt (met dank aan je zus). Meteen een megazalige jurk gescoord voor 1 euro! Looooooooooove the blue coats!

  5. This was my favorite outfit of the competition that week. Ur kitty is to die for! I love Wednesday!

    And a horrible summer indeed...