zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

The Canon Girl does Model with a twist!

Well well well, what have we here? Who is that FIERCE girl?!

OOOH BABY I was so happy when I got a little message from my sister saying that she herself got a message from a friend that she saw me in Marie Claire!!

I went out to buy it today and I'm so pleased with it!
I look awesome and the interview is pretty much what I wanted! Translated I just talk about my style, saying that "It's colorful, feminine and very much inspired by the sixties.
I do try to give it a bit of a rockattitude, like wearing one of my sweet dresses with some sneakers or cool boots instead of cute little pumps". Which is exactly what I want! I also talk about trends I like this fall. "All kinds of prints, colors, clean cut shapes and cool patterns.
If you want to wear a big print, just go ahead and do it! I know all the fashion guru's go shake their heads when a curvy girl tries something 'big' instead of the "flattering" small because that's slimming. But why should we focus ourselves on 'slimming' outfits?
Who came up with the rule that only the slim, skinny girls can look beautiful? I say wear whatever the hell you want and you shouldn't give a shit whether it makes your butt look big." (With some more civilised words of course. I especially like that part! It's one of the most important messages I wanted to get out there.)

After that I give a little info about my favorite store in Antwerp, the infamous Think Twice! :-D The monthly sale, the adress etc.

Than some tips on how you can look your best, since I'm not one of those "you should only wear V necks and black" girls I just say "you should wear clothes that fit you properly. I love vintage because the shape of the clothes, they're more made for women with a waist and hips instead of the more straight fit that you often come across in large clothing stores." (nice words, much nicer than the words I actually used when being interviewed, if I remember correctly I said something along the lines of the "shitty ass fits they mostly have in stores a la H&M and C&A. I say mostly because to be honest, I have some pretty nice clothes from those stores but it is a bit of a one in a thousand chance to find something that fits REALLY good) and "It's a huge plus if you can sew a bit, that way you can alter the waist quite easily if it's a bit too straight for your body shape. I try to almost always wear something with a high waist, it looks awesome on girls with an hourglass shape, especially with a nice belt. I love wearing belts! I also often wear leggings or tights, it gives me a smooth silhouette."

As the last thing, I talk a bit about the blogging world. "Most fashion blogs don't pay much attention to girls/women with a different bodyshape or skincolor. Curvy girls don't really have a rolmodel or someone to look up to in that environment. I just hope that maybe there's one girl that gets a little inspired by me and maybe musters up the courage to express and dress herself the way she wants." And that, my loves, is one of the reasons I post my outfits and myself on the interwebz. I'm not really into fashion, I couldn't care less about Karl Lagerfeld and his new muse, I'm just a girl and I love clothes and I love to dress up. But fashion and the media have a huge influence on how women perceive themselves and I want to get a little bit of a positive message out there. I want to be a good rolmodel for my 2 wonderful, sweet, smart, funny, beautiful nieces and maybe inspire them too! Just as my big sister has inspired me. Hope I can do that! :-) Thank you!

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  1. Leuk artikel met goede tips :) Je hebt een mooie stijl, de fashion sense zit in de familie zeker? :)

  2. I'm so happy for you! Marie Claire is a huggeee deal and you look great in it :). I really know how you feel about it being mega hard to find clothes that you like AND fit the right way in big name stores, I used to be bigger than I am now and loved fashion but never bought anything I liked because I couldn't fit it!

    And I appreciate "Most fashion blogs don't pay much attention to girls/women with a different bodyshape or skincolor." that couldn't be anymore true.

    Well congrats again and thanks for the nice comment on my blog :)!