donderdag 25 augustus 2011

Silver Lining

This skirt is awesome, I love the asymmetrical hemline and drapery. It’s a very simple skirt but the way it’s made is just beautiful. Not a vintage skirt, for once! I bought it at the store ‘DIDI’, it’s an exclusive dutch and belgian store which I loved the most of all stores, together with ‘Steps’, until I came across Think Twice Vintage in Antwerp. The stores DIDI and Steps are wonderful and they have beautiful clothing but DAMN it’s expensive. For most dresses and skirts you pay at least 70-80 euro when it’s not on sale. I have two skirts from DIDI, I paid 30 euro for them both on sale. Luckily they have this time at the end of every season that they sell everything for 30 euro but now that I’ve grown accustomed to the sale in Think Twice where everything on sale goes for 3 euro… well, I don’t think I’ll be going back there a lot :-D.

To be fair though, in the normal non T2 world, it’s still not that pricey to get a really beautiful silk skirt for 30 euro or a gorgeous cocktail length dress for 30 euro. I’m just really spoiled now! And to be honest, I really do have enough clothes and if I buy something at Think Twice it’ll always be at those sales since I can’t really justify buying clothes full price anymore. Not if I can buy perfectly beautiful clothes for 3 FREAKING EURO. Yeah, I still can’t get over it. I’m still shocked. Most earrings I have cost more than most of my clothes now! :-D I paired the silver skirt with a simple blue tanktop and the blue cardi I just bought at T2, a blue legging and my favorite sneakers OF ALL TIME (I always say that in a Kanye voice :-D). And of course a waistbelt!

By the way: Thank you guys so much for all your chicvotes and comments and feedback on my last post! So sweet and I really really appreciate it! I used to be a girl that thought that being stylish was just for those lucky few that got everything right, from the floppy hat down to the platform heels. But now, thanks to you guys, I learned that you can be a perfectly good, stylish chic girl with sneakers, flowerskirts, band T’s and rainbow hair! :-D Thank you!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. ik ben precies hetzelfde, spoiled door T2. Ik koop alleen nog dingen online in sales of op etsy ofzo, of als ik echt iets HEEL moois zie :-D

    zilver en dat blauw zijn heel mooi samen!

  2. Prijzen van T2 zijn dan ook moeilijk te kloppen!
    Ik probeer er niet meer naartoe te gaan omdat ik geen tijd heb om alles te dragen wat ik daar vind :p

  3. Can I just say: Your hair is so AWESOME! I love it!

    That skirt is pretty, and although I have heard about all the amazing T2 buys from Annebeth, it's still nice to buy things like this sometimes too! And 30 Euro is still good.

    Lovely outfit :) xx