zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

I love you like a lovesong, baby

GAAAH that song has been stuck in my head for at least a week! I normally don’t go for the teen queen popsongs but that Selena Gomez song is just unbelievably catchy. The lyrics are freaking dull but the melody is so much fun! Plus I have a bit of a soft spot for Selena Gomez, she reminds me of my oldest niece! She’s also a wonderful singer, by the way. My niece, not Gomez. Well, she might. You never know with all the freaking autotuning going on. And to be fair, disney has brought along a lot of horrible little stars with a lot less talent than her. Which reminds me of Miley Cyrus. Not that she’s all that horrible, if you ask me.

She hasn’t done anything that a normal teenager wouldn’t do, it isn’t really a big deal to smoke a little pot or to be a little extra sexual when performing/dancing. Remember Britney Spears? Her career was BUILT on her sexy little schoolgirl routine in ‘Baby, one more time’. I don’t agree with it and I’d rather have girls being succesful and being appreciated for their talent instead of the two talents they have on their chest. But that’s, sadly, the world we live in and come to think of it, it’s almost like those little disney stars come into the showbizz as little girls and develop into young women over night. I’m a little creeped out by it. Those girls have no time whatsoever to discover who they are, what they want in life and make some mistakes. You wear a short skirt once and your underage crotch is all over the internet because you didn’t get out of a car like a ‘proper lady’.

People go on rants about how those girls are supposed to be rolmodels for little girls and I understand that, the media has aHUGE influence on us as young people growing up but how realistic is it to expect a 16 year old girl to act like a perfect young woman, her first goal in life: living her life for other people? Most ‘normal’ girls are under pressure with just the expectations of their parents, teachers and friends. Imagine, you have hundreds of thousands of fans (and probably even more haterz) and you have to get up in the morning with that in the back of your mind. Of course she gets paid GOOD to be a rolmodel, to sing some nice songs and to act, dare I say, very poorly in some show or movie and I do understand the people that bash her as well but.. ah well, you get my point. I always get a little miffed (I love that word! Miffed! It sounds so cute and also a little gross. :-D) when people insist that they know who those girls are just by watching them on TV and reading about them in some gossip mag.

Now, I have to be honest, I kind of dislike Justin Bieber for something he said in an interview. Something about how abortion is always wrong, even when a girl gets raped. He said something like ’That’s a horrible situation but it’s never right to kill a human being, I believe that everything happens for a reason.‘. I DON’T EVEN… I even get a little pissed just thinking about it. And yeah, part of my reason for disliking him is because hundreds of thousands of young girls look up to him and see him as a kind of god. When it comes to having the choice to do with your own body what you want, that’s NOT an opinion I would like my daughter to agree with. Granted, I also wouldn’t like my daughter to wear skimpy clothing or take drugs. In the end of the day though, whether I agree with what he said or not, the journalist that asked him questions like that is an asshole. The boy sings songs, he’s not a politician or a teacher. He sings sweet songs about how he loves a girl so much he just goes delirious and can’t say anything else but ‘baby baby baby oh baby baby baby no’. (Very creative songwriting too. /sarcasm). Well, it’s been a while since my last rant and I hope you enjoyed it! :-D

Love you guys!

OH YEAH, ’bout the outfit: awesome dress, super comfy and I love the print and cut, so feminine and sweet. Paired it with my equally super comfy boho short boots and a wrap top unwrapped, so now a cardigan! And my new bright yellow eyeshadow! SO HAPPY with my eyeshadow! :-D

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  1. supermooie kleuren weer!

    ik vind het vooral irritant hoe de media en het publiek echt niet kunnen wachten om slecht nieuws te horen over die jonge meisjes: Miley aan de drugs/te bloot/nipslip, demi lovato met een eetstoornis, Selena liefst ook te bloot zodat ze er commentaar op kunnen geven... Het is gewoon niet makkelijk om je op een gezonde manier te ontwikkelen in de spotlights, zeker niet als je constant dubbele signalen krijgt. Je moet niet te braaf zijn maar ook niet te slettig, je moet real zijn maar toch je privé leven beschermen, je moet sexy zijn maar wel de indruk geven dat je maagd blijft tot het huwelijk... Die amerikanen zijn gek.