maandag 12 november 2012

Family time

Last saturday my sis, her boyfriend, my mom and me FINALLY got around to taking a little trip to go see my brother, his wife and my nephew. He's almost six months old now and I can't believe how much he has grown since the last time I saw him. Then again, he IS a baby, so he'll be doing a lot more of that. Growing, I  mean. :-D We had an amazing time and I squeezed, hugged and kissed my nephew until the very end of our stay. He was amazingly sweet and lucky for us he loves attention and hugs! I'm not sure how it works but when I look at my nephew I instantly feel some kind of connection, almost like I "realise" he shares my blood. I have the same kind of feeling with my nieces. Kids in the family are always great but since my oldest brother lives so freaking far away I always had a little bit of heartache when it came to family stuff. I'm crazy about my nieces and I try to skype with them when I can but life gets in the way and the seven hour time difference doesn't help much either. But now that I have a nephew a little closer nearby I feel so happy when I think about the fact that I'll be able to form a real connection with him a little earlier, as his aunt. It's a beautiful thing, family.

The day consisted of listening to good music on the way to my brother, eating some great food (our family gatherings are never complete without some sort of vegetable soup), lots of hugging and singing Disney songs. "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" FTW! The day ended with my awesome sister in law giving me her graphics tablet, which I will be checking out into GREAT detail next weekend when I have a bit more time. Needless to say I was over the moon with this gift, it'll bring editing and photoshopping my pictures to a whole new level. Possibly some drawing, too. AH, ALL THE OPTIONS. Before I go on an arts-nerd rant, now get ready for the cutest babeh ever. Meet my nephew, Daniel.

If that's not an expression that says "HAPPY CAMPER OVAH HIYAH" I don't know what does. To be completely honest, my ovaries were shaking the whole time I was hugging his little body and kissing his soft cheeks. There's a momster inside me, I can feel it. Hazel from Girls with Slingshots style.

How can you not feel at least a little extra soft when you look at this face?

That's right, you can't!

Getting buried under auntie snuggles!

My gorgeous brother and proud papa!

Proud mama!

The cuteness. IT HURTS.

Of course, jokes were made about how happy my nephew was to lean into my boobs. After all, he's a baby. He doesn't need much more than boobs, food (mixed together or not) and love.

He was also incredibly fascinated by our hair and particularly the pulling of it. He's already pretty strong, I can tell you that. But we were basically just too happy to care.


Tea, quiche, pumpkin soup and cake mixed with the company of your beautiful family: life doesn't get much better than this. My happiness was shown in my outfit choice: FLORALS on FLORALS:

How stereotypically Dutch can you go: an orange windmill in the background with lots of water. And a blonde babe, OH YEAH. All we're missing is a couple of tulips, a honk of cheese and some weed.

dress: new look
cardigan and leggings: H&M
necklace: gift from my dad
boots: kickers
bracelet: dads

Hope you got your dose of cute baby for the day, I know I did!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Awwwwwwwww!! Your nephew is ADORABLE. Seriously.
    And I am in love with your coat. And your floral prints. You are beautiful.

  2. First of all, AWESOME outfit. Also you seem to have such a lovely and nice family. My family aren't really into cuddley lovey dovey stuff haha, but it does seem kind of nice! Your nephew is a cutie patoooootie and I think it is hilarious that in pretty much every photo he has something in his mouth haha.

  3. Pffffff I was going to comment about how sweet and cute and gyaaah is your baby nephew and how lovely is to spend some time with your family but I was distracted by your amazing outfit (that dress, wow) and most of all by your comment on Dutch stereotypes. LOL :D

  4. Cute baby for sure and dare I say even cuter floral outfit! I seriously love babies and these pictures are precious, I love being an Auntie and it looks like you do too. Your outfit is making me smile today honey so bright!

  5. OMG how did i miss this post? I love your nephew, he is soooo freaking adorable its insane! really insane! i just literally lost my mind with insanity because of his cuteness lol i just wanna give him cuddles and kisses, he is that cute! Being an aunt is awesome and the love you have for your nephews and nieces is just so amazing and impossible to explain to anyone who doesnt have nephews and nieces oftheir own. And the Hazel from Girls with Slingshots style comic strip is hilarious, I get the same feeling when I'm with my nephew.

    Your outfit is ADORABLE! almost as adorable as your nephew, yes! i know that's "really" adorable! so you should feel flattered! :) i really love the dress and the florals you look really pretty :)