donderdag 8 november 2012


Finally, a real people outfit on my blog again and not some crazy ass dress-up thing! This is the shirt I bought at the nerd convention. Obviously I have been wearing and will be wearing this baby all the time. Being a geek and a feminist at the same time while being a little witty? Sounds good, sister. I also think that this might be the first almost all black outfit I ever posted on my blog. Now that my hair is blonde (and it won't be for much longer, I'm really lusting after some bright hair again) I feel like I can wear darker colors more easily without feeling boring. These liquid leggings are pure heaven too. After wearing leggings as pants I can hardly go back to wearing actual pants. I know people have a lot of beef with leggings as pants but for realz, leggings are the perfect way to show off your butt without flattening it because of tight, thick fabric. Instead of squeezing your ass, leggings hug your ass! If that's not some freakin' fashion poetry I don't know what is. :-D A little tip: if you're on a manhunt, do wear liquid leggings. Boys and tight pants are a good combo. And if you feel  a little cold, overexposed or if your leggings are a little on the flimsy side: wear some thick black cotton leggings underneath. The jacket was a thrifting treasure which, if I recall correctly, didn't cost more than 10 euro. It's super cosy and warm and I've been wearing it non stop since it became colder. Plus I can't resist the rock 'n roll vibe.

My life has been pretty sweet. Good feedback on my photography from my teacher, smooth sailing in school and I might have met a nice fella. I'll keep you posted. ;-)

I'm pointing at the drawing on my shirt, not my boobs. Just to be clear.

denim shirt: JBC
wonderwoman shirt: F.A.C.T.S. merchandise
leggings: Veritas
boots: torfs
necklace: sisters

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  1. Oh what an amazing look <3 and I didn't realize it before reading but you're right, this might me the only all dark outfit I can remember on you (I'm totally going to comb through the archives to see if my memory is right). Anyway you look FANTASTIC in these leggings! They're definitely perfect if you're on a manhunt :) and of course I love, love love the tee.

  2. I love the shirt and the message is completely dead on! Your hair looks so pretty but I long for color too, I remember when you had a few colors in there :) Good luck on the man front, keep us posted :)

  3. That shirt is soooo cool!
    So happy it's going well for you, I even might have a slight idea about who thar fella might be :p just have fun!

  4. OH my god? are we the same person or something? I LOVE WONDERWOMAN!! I've read like half of all existing wonderwoman comics (there are like a million so half is quite a lot lol) I have about 3 wonderwoman t-shirts and even wonderwoman lingerie, but unfortunately my bf is the only one who gets to see that haha! anywhooo!!! you look so freaking hot in those leggins, you have quite the budunkadunk, and it looks amazing in tight ass spandex :) also, thanks so much for voting for my blog! it means so much. you rule! :)


  5. btw here is a really old post with some of my wonderwoman shirts.

  6. Oh, you babe. I love how confident you are. More women need to be confident like that. Seriously, no matter what shape or size they are, they should realize they are beautiful. My fiance has said "your belly is sticking out and your butt looks big" and he means it as a compliment. So, y'know. We should stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to be skinny or curvy or in-between and just be... us.
    And also, you have an awesome butt. ;)
    Aaanyway. :D
    I love that shirt. And I hope you have met a nice fella, because you deserve it!

  7. dit is echt een heerlijke outfit, dat losse hemdje staat je ZO cool