donderdag 1 november 2012

This is Halloween: party 2012

While I was a total boring mofo staying home on the exciting night of halloween (which isn't all that exciting here in Belgium, halloween hardly exists over here) I did have a chance to get my halloween on at a cosy party at my sis' place last weekend! Good food, carving some badass pumkins, good company, a terrible horror movie and tasty booze, 't was all good! Though I had a really stubborn pumpkin and no talent for carving whatsoever. And I'm not going to recommend "The Woman in Black", the movie we watched. Maybe it was really bad because we were talking throughout the whole movie, maybe we were talking throughout the whole movie because it was bad. Either way, I was disappointed. It looked gorgeous, there was definitely some potential there but it didn't deliver. I was pleasantly surprised by Daniel Radcliffe though. Not so much by his acting performance as by his looks kicking it up a notch or two. I never thought of him as an attractive guy in the Harry Potter movies (total Ron fangirl over here) but I've grown to appreciate him. Seeing him say all kinds of sensible things about same sex marriage is a big YES too. Sensible dudes, I like 'em.

Anyhoo, I dressed up as Marceline the vampire queen from Adventure Time! One of the sweetest cartoons out there and Marceline just kicks ass like no other vampire does.

Creepy ass picture and proof that I was actually Marceline and not just a random vampire. CHECK THE CARDI.

Chillin' with Black Swan (my sis, obvi) and Cruella De Vil. As a vampire queen I needed the umbrella, otherwise this shit happens.

And I wouldn't be a good blogger if I didn't think of the details.


Pretty cool vampire-y pictures, no? :-D It was never actually my intention to be creepy but the fake blood (pardon, shade of red! Marceline don't drink no blood!), the deathly complexion, fangs and wig really did a good job with getting some halloween vibes going. I'm also so incredibly white-ass myself I barely needed any white make up to make me look this pale. Maybe I should just make being a vampire part of my future career.

Some mood shots:

Spooky food! Those halloween pastries were tasty as hell!

Black Swan slaughtering her pumpkin.

Beautiful pirate Brenda torturing her pumpkin.

Vampire sister Sabina! Not only were we equally VAMPALICIOUS (yes I totally just said that) we both had the nastiest pumpkins of the bunch. Proof:

That's not right, man. I can tell you that.

Some of the carved pumpkins and lovely decoration! Mine is the snaggletoothed goblin in the middle, third from the right. Not my best creative work. The big ass pumpkin on the left is my sister's, pretty awesome right? And of course Jack Skellington on the right, carved by Eline aka Cruella. She could have a future in the pumpkin carving industry.

Black Swan, another beautiful pirate and Catwoman!

Worm sammich! It was actually just sliced hotdog with ketchup. Tasty and nasty looking! My sis also made a very tasty pumpkin soup from all the carvings. I ate it all, the day after the party. :-D After dinner the brave ones among us took a walk down to the cemetery to take some moody outfit shots for Sabina's blog.

Awesomely creepy picture.

Obviously I had to come to the cemetery. It's one of my favorite hangouts.

Being creepy!

I hope you liked my little report on our party and that you had a good halloween yourself! And because halloween will always make me think of The Nightmare Before Christmas, a movie I watched at least a million times when I was a kid, I'm going to leave you with "This is Halloween". HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEN!

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  1. IS THIS REALLY YOU?! Oh gosh, maybe it's the long hair (or the blood and fangs) but you really don't look like yourself :) this is a pretty good costume!! The party sounds like a lot of fun and those ghost pastries, oh my!
    If you don't mind i'm going to listen to the song, because I've always watched Nightmare Before Christmas dubbed in Italian, LOL, even the songs, and I never asked myself how would it sound like in English.


  3. I thought that movie would be good, but oh well! anyway OMGOSH you look so freakin' awesome!! Spot on costume, girl! that looks like the best night ever, everyone looks great!

  4. ahhhh! how cool! you where marceline! ahhhhh mazing! what a fun night! everyone looked so cool, and your pumpkins look awesome too! glad you had fun and your costume rules!

    OH and could you please help me out by voting for Thick Threads (number 86) to help me win a trip to FFFW In London?! Thanks so much

  5. I so wish we did Halloween here! Your costumes rocks!

  6. Hottest. Vampire. Ever. (welll except maybe David Boreanaz...)it looks like you guys had an awesome time. sad about the woman in black though,i kinda wanted to see that!